January 10th– 14th 2016

After the wedding, it was time to go home. I am reminded of an excerpt from Vipassana courses (meditation centres): “If you think you are so enlightened, spend a week with your parents”. Don’t get me wrong, mine are about the most caring and loving parents I could hope for and it’s great to see them to catch up. Nice as it is, I struggle to be a good house guest at my parents’ place and that’s all on me. (Sorry Mum and Dad)

The rig makes its way to Tawa

It was an opportunity to spend a bit of time with my sister too and a chance to clock up some quality uncle time with my Wellington-based niece and nephews. The physical distance between us and our Gore-based family was bridged by Skype and we managed a bit of intercity family time catching up with my sister and her kiddies as well. Furthermore, it was a time to sort through and organise the assorted items I have dumped at the olds’ place for storage over the years.

I should probably just send it all to the tip, but those old hoarding habits prevent me from letting go of all the little pieces of memorabilia and ‘stuff I might need in the future’. Some tough choices are going to need to be made if this Tinyhouse future become a long-term reality. Down-sizing a household also means being realistic about what is truly useful to have around. It doesn’t necessarily mean getting rid of everything without specific utility, but is does mean ditching those things that don’t really serve you in one way or another.

Arranged to have the trailer light socket installed while I was in one spot for a couple of days. Now the rig was legal, I could happily start my travels and see was in store. I’d arranged a couple of WWOOFs and a WorkAway (work exchange sites) stay but the first stop was the couple who gave me my last excuse to return home when they got married last. It was then, that I may well have found my future home and it was this next trip that may well have consolidated my desire to follow this whole thing through.


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