January 9th, 2016

Today was all about public proclamations of love! Who doesn’t love a day like that?! The timing of the big move back from Aussie was largely governed by today. My good friends Nick and Rosie got married on Nick’s parents’ farm in a truly kiwi ceremony which is utterly appropriate for their laidback attitudes toward life. I love this type of wedding because it both respects tradition and puts a personal and unique finish on the event.

It was also a chance for me to discuss dropping out of urban/suburban society with Nick’s Dad. We chatted about how and why he and his wife had decided to make the move to the country and also the specific shape of how their rural drift had gone. The girls did a great job of shifting 30kg hay bales while we supervised their work and discussed such things as self-employment, occupational health and safety/professional liability requirements, suing/litigation and nomadic communities of pensioners living carefree lives of leisure (news article). I was rapt when we both came to the same conclusion that dropping out of the system of things was my best option at this stage.

I got the impression from his account that the shift to country life has allowed them to explore life according to their own priorities instead directed by others’ dictates. I didn’t get a chance to get Nick’s Mum’s views on this. While I’m sure things don’t always work out, it’s a consistent theme in the stories I am hearing of those who choose to explore other options. There are several books on the subject, including one called “The End of Jobs” by Taylor Pearson (on, which I would recommend having a look at. In today’s global village, imagination and determination really are the only limits on the form that life can take.

Quite unexpectedly, another thing happened today. I’ve come to expect the unexpected, as this is often the way these important moments arrive in our lives. Today was also a time of catching up with old mates. One of these mates, (who shall remain anonymous as I’ve not asked his permission to discuss it) really made an impression on me through his life choices and behaviour. He reminded me how this system of order really works for some people. While it doesn’t feel right to me, it nurtures others to develop into quite remarkable humans. I was struck by the way he had developed a successful career which makes him happy and a family life which truly gives him joy. It was really interesting to see the different choices made and paths taken amongst a group from such similar origins.

Life comes in a lot of different packages… as many as there are beings to live it. Today was a great day to reminisce, consider, reconsider and reconnect. But most of all it was a day to celebrate. I’m so happy that Nick and Rosie took this step in their life together.


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