January 16th– 22nd 2016

After a night catching up with family in Hamilton, I headed to Waihi: a small town which is home to erotic gay werewolves of legend, polydactyl cats, zillions of flies and where dogs swim down gold mines. It was also home to my first WWOOF (WWOOF= Willing Workers On Organic Farms) of 2016.

WOOFing is basically a work exchange where you set out the terms of your stay with your host in advance. Generally, it is room and board for a pre-arranged number of hours (usually about 3-4) per day. The tasks required of the WWOOFer will vary depending on the host’s requirements and the WWOOFer’s abilities/interests. Generally, WWOOFers are backpackers looking for a cheap place to stay and to experience local life with organic farmers. My “Woof WWOOF” falls a little outside the norm, as I am bringing my bedroom with me and it is populated by two handbag dogs. I was pleased that some hosts were still willing to take me on and was pleasantly surprised at this one in particular.

Another part of my plan to be more proactive in animal welfare is to write books. Specifically, children’s books about dog training and bite prevention. This is something I may or may not do in tandem with my plan for The Longest Walk (described in a previous post, here). Christine, the female half of my host couple, just happened to be an author, publisher. Find out more at Quintessence Publications (website). Right now, Christine and her co-author Trev are working on a series of gay erotic novels starring… werewolves. And apparently the market is burgeoning with interest. Christine had so much information and advice to offer me about publishing that it will be a long while yet before I have taken all of it in. I have books and blogs to read, online services to explore and really everything I need to get my books published. Great from the point of view that it is now up to me. Not so great from the point of view that… it is now up to me.

This week was a week of self-confrontation. Many people have difficulty succeeding because they limit their success with their own beliefs. Having struggled with my own limiting beliefs and now having a path laid out bare in front of my with no impedance was a difficult thing to face. I’m very thankful for the push, as it got me moving. I finally finished the first drafts of my first two books and started setting up the online presence I will require to make them work. I’m also thankful for the philosophical chats shared with Darwin (a fellow WWOOFer from Germany) and John (an elderly friend of my hosts) as well as for the assistance John (the male half of the hosting equation… plus aeronautical engineer/automotive engineer) gave me in fixing up a couple of things with my car (including the blown fuse mentioned in Homesteading).

This property was a larger suburban block growing a crop of their own organic produce. Darwin and I were tasked with several renovation jobs inside as well as some roof maintenance.

Painting the roof with Darwin in Waihi

I got out in the garden for a couple of days and planted out a crop of potatoes and got the wood stores ready for winter. It was hot work but there was plenty of down time and a couple of cheeky cats with extra toes (Polly with 6 toes per paw and Jumbo with 7). Christine gave me tips on places to check out such as the track around the big gold mine in the centre of town and a local swimming hole complete with cliff jumping and a tree swing.

Jake swimming in a gold mine

And no need to worry about hitting the ground. This thing is an old, disused mine shaft. Jake had a great time swimming and playing in the waterhole with the local boys and Piccolo had fun exploring the area.

Waihi. Good spot if you like a quiet little town. Check it out.


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