A Quick Update

It’s been quite a while since my last post so I thought I would update you as to why.

During the caravan renovation, I took video and pictures of the process and have now started trying to put it together into summaries of what was done. I hope to accompany these with a more detailed description of what it involved. It will by no means be a ‘how to’ manual as I am no sort of builder and have no place giving directions on that sort of stuff. It will be more of a journal of events to give someone who may be interested as idea of what sorts of things may be involved.


Possibly purely as a self-indulgence, but I hope that it actually serves someone else. I hope that by showing the process, I can encourage someone to start. Just to start working with whatever resources they may have to try moving toward sustainability. That is what the caravan really means to me. It’s the first tangible step toward a lifestyle change. It’s the vehicle (quite literally) that lets me start moving outside rent while still providing stability for my canine family. At the same time it helps put me in a different psychological place than just travelling. Having a home base feels like somewhere to work from while still being able to maintain the mobility to take opportunities. I can explore different versions of sustainable lifestyles in different places while I learn exactly where and how I want to go about it.

But it is only an intermediate step: a means to an end. That said though, I feel good about it and I’ll be posting about the works as soon as it’s written up. When that is will depend a lot on my situation and resources… more on that in a future post. Let it suffice to say that things are a little turbulent right now.


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