The Bigger Picture (contains explicit language… only once)

It’s important to realise that the caravan is only a very small (but important) part in the scheme. In summary, and in the immortal words of Rage Against the Machine: “Fuck you, I won’t do what you tell me!” (Bombtrack) “If we don’t take action now, we settle for nothing later. Settle for nothing now and we’ll settle for nothing later.” (Settle for Nothing).

I choose not to run the race I have been prescribed by my social environment. I choose to find a better way. I choose to act: to try.

In my travels, there have been many conversations about what exactly it is that I am doing. This is an attempt to break free from the cycle. It’s an attempt to engineer a lifestyle that is both more fulfilling and more productive in tangible terms. A great summary of the goal can be found at the Oneness Publishing blog HERE. But the best way I have heard it described is that it’s about growing up. I unfortunately can’t recall where I saw the video, but it was on YouTube somewhere and the guy said he sees moving off-grid and becoming self-sustaining as the next phase in growing up. As children we are dependent on our parents, then less and less so. As adults, we become dependent on employers and the utility companies and system of governance that runs cities and countries. Learning to rely on your own efforts and outputs to survive is the logical next step in becoming truly independent and free.

With this end in mind and through recommendations from people along the way, I’ve come in contact with some really interesting books. The most recently finished is “The Four Hour Work Week” by Timothy Ferris (link to his official site). This book is a true gem. You owe it to yourself to read it. Even if you are not interested in going about income generation the way he proposes, his philosophy and the resources alone contained within are worth it.

It’s about entrepreneurship primarily. At first, I found it unpalatable as he seemed lazy and arrogant. I pushed through though and I would suggest that you do the same, as the latter chapters give challenges for your beliefs and ideas that will benefit anyone that considers them. Ultimately, the gift the book can give you is an expanded way of thinking. It’s about understanding yourself and your limitations as well as giving you steps to overcome them. It’s about life design and taking ownership of the responsibility you have to seek fulfilment. It’s about becoming comfortable with change and choosing to focus only on those things that REALLY matter and that you can actually DO something about. Most of all, that’s what it is about: actions. DOING things to create the life you want.

I can’t recommend it enough. Choose to act. Choose to live YOUR way.


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