Helpful Feedback

September 4th 2016

This one is just a quick shout out to people following the blog. I really appreciate feedback that comes in, whether it be encouragement, queries or suggestions for improvement. Keep ‘em coming! 🙂

Recently, I had two messages that were particularly noteworthy. The first was an offer of paid blogging work. That was obviously a pleasant surprise. This blog was really just an alternative to overloading my friends’ newsfeeds on Facebook, so to find that people are enjoying it on a bigger scale is always nice.

The second was a very polite comment suggesting I could do better in the spelling department. I’d like to apologise for subjecting people to poor spelling if that has been your experience. I do endeavour to proofread posts before they go up, but it seems I have been missing a typo or two. I’d like to formally extend a request to let me know if you spot specific errors. I encourage it, as I would prefer to have error-free writing on the blog. I’d also like to apologise because it turned up in my spam folder and I thought I clicked ‘NOT SPAM’ but it disappeared after that and before I could read the whole thing or reply. So, thanks… whoever it was.

A side note to that though, you will find that my blogs are written in English (the primary language of my home country)… as opposed to American 😉 I make no apologies for this. So if you see things such as “coloUr”, “behavioUr”, “generaliSe” etc, these are not actually errors, but merely differences.

So please do keep the messages and feedback coming. It’s nice to hear that people are actually reading and enjoying what I write. And hey, if you are NOT enjoying it, I’d be interested to hear what may not be working for people.


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