Freedom Is: Going to the Dogs

18th October, 2016

Today’s interview is with Trish Harris. Trish is, among other things, one of the happiest people I know. While she may be small in stature, she is huge on personality and cares deeply for those she holds dear. She is one of those rare people who exemplifies the art of living. I had a hunch she would have some advice on how to live consciously.

Trish is an important mentor and previous employer of mine in her role running Four Paws K9 Training. Four Paws is one of the largest and most successful dog training businesses in Melbourne, Australia. She has crafted a lifestyle around her business which allows her freedom to live in rural bliss, paying close attention to her diet and health. Listen in for a bit more on how she has got to where she is and some advice from someone living life their way.

Sometimes it takes a severe shock to the system to choose meaningful change. I once heard it put (and I’m paraphrasing here) that sometimes life whispers in your ear what you are meant to do. If you don’t listen, it gives you a nudge. If you still don’t listen, it gives you a push. If you still choose not to listen you get a shove off the edge of a cliff. Maybe we should learn to listen to the whispers and then just take that leap ourselves.

I’d like to thank Trish one more time for her time and advice. If you are in the Melbourne area dealing with dog issues of any kind, I don’t hesitate for a second in recommending Trish. Pop over to her website for more information on her services or to order her new book “When Three’s a Crowd”.


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