When Work is Not Work

Tuesday, 15th November

The last few months have been a real privilege to experience. It’s been encouraging to know that I have everything in the caravan set up to live comfortably with no input other than a regular injection of food and drinking water. Collecting rain water for laundry and washing as well as harnessing solar power quite effectively has freed me up to work on several projects while working far fewer hours than ‘usual’ in order to pay the bills. Even then, work was pretty awesome as far as jobs go (well… most of the time). I posted a link to a highlights reel showing the ‘work’ I was doing in Motueka. Check it out on the Dare To Seek Freedom Facebook Page.


Video Source: Sue Walsh of Dog Almighty

But it is on to bigger things now. I am fully committed to giving The Longest Walk (also see Exciting News) a crack. I have several sponsors on-board (including Kathmandu), a marketing consultant, engineering advisors and I’ve moved to Southland to make final preparations to kick off in Invercargill.

Hi Gore. I’m wearing your TEX… mostly because it has rained almost the whole time ;0) Alas, that has given me time to get into the garage and start assembling the bits of the rig and I should have a few photos of a finished-looking thing very soon. From there, it will be: fitting out the interior, testing and planning, contacting the first few stops and then getting out on the road for a bit of field testing.

This is what Daring to Seek Freedom looks like… moving on from comfortable and embracing the unknown.


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