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10167961_10153317476552018_2961119343927188851_nWho am I anyway? Why am I writing this blog? And why should you read it?

I’d like to address the last question first because it is by far the most important. Take a moment to consider how you ended up here. I didn’t drag you here. You chose to click the link. Why? I’m not claiming I have all the answers to finding your freedom, but I once clicked a link like the link you just clicked. What followed was a cascade of events and information which have vastly changed how I view others, the world and my life. More importantly, it has helped me to consciously choose and change the way I behave in order to bring about my own version of freedom.

So, should you read on? Entirely up to you but I hope that some of my experiences may help you to live your own version of freedom. I guess that’s question two sorted as well.

My name is Stephen Brassett. I’m 33 years old and I’ve done many jobs and lived in several places. I’ve travelled a bit, but not extensively. In January 2016, I quit my job in Australia and moved back to my home country (New Zealand) to start working towards a lifestyle that feels right to me. Specifically, I want to learn to live sustainably and be a positive influence on the world around me. I want to make the shift from consumer to producer and from destroyer to creator/nurturer. I also want to find my way into a proactive role in animal welfare (specifically with dogs). I envision a lifestyle where my choices and actions contribute positively to the world as a whole and allow me to experience a more complete version of naturally being human without the twisted influence of a sick society.

I have very little money, no property to my name, no wealthy sponsors or exact destination. What I DO have is a plan and the motivation that comes from amazingly supportive friends and family who are eager to see me succeed. How it all pans out, only time will tell.



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